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Potentially surplus parcels of state-owned property, under the care and control of the Massachusetts Department of Transportation (herein "MassDOT") is governed by Mass General Law, Chapter 6C, as amended, and M.G.L Chapter 81, as well as administrative requirements set forth by the Federal Highway Administration (FHWA).

Any request to research a property that may be available for disposition (sale, lease, license, easement, etc.) will need you to provide us with some preliminary information, so that we may accurately identify the property that is subject to this request.

Please complete the posted Surplus Property Request Form, and return it to the contact person listed below, along with any maps, plans, sketches, or additional information that may assist us with this request. If there are no formal plans available, we ask that you go to the local assessors' office, secure a copy of the assessors map where the land is located, highlight the parcel that you believe is controlled by MassDOT, and return it to us. We can not process your request without a signed copy of the request form and the backup information.

This disposition process requires us to conduct an internal canvass of other sections of MassDOT, in order to be certain the property is no longer needed for future MassDOT highway and railway projects. We are also required to conduct an open bidding process through a Request for Proposal, we must have the property appraised for its highest and best use and, if necessary, we may require you to engage the services of an engineering firm, to prepare an alteration plan in accordance with MassDOT specifications. All expenses incurred by these outside services are born by the proponent of this action, or by an alternative party who is subsequently awarded the property through the RFP process.

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