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Northampton Solar Project
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The Northampton solar array sits on MassDOT Highway ROW property, just 90 feet from the District 2 headquarters building. The system was designed, constructed and financed to achieve the following key objectives:
  • Promote Clean Energy solutions within MassDOT
  • Support Massachusetts Renewable Energy Goals
  • Encourage innovation within MassDOT
  • Limit capital costs by forming a private-public partnership
  • Establish MassDOT as a national leader in promoting clean energy solutions in the transportation sector
Presently, the 325 solar panel array generates approximately 70 kW of power that offsets the energy demand of District 2 Highway Administration Building. Subsequent expansion of this facility may generate up to 500 kW of energy, offering annual energy output that will be utilized at the facility. This excess power may be used to net-meter other MassDOT facilities in the Western Massachusetts Electric Company service area or to provide power hook-up for a future fleet of electric vehicles, for example.

This project is a public-private partnership between MassDOT and JF White in which MassDOT highway property is leased to JF White for the installation, activation, and operation of the Solar Photovoltaic Energy Generating facility. Conjunctly, MassDOT purchases power directly from JF White at a fixed price for the duration of the lease. Under this agreement, JF White retains all incentives associated with the generation of solar energy from the facility, including clean energy tax incentives, 100% of Solar Renewable Energy Credits (SREC), and the potential to sell any surplus energy produced back to the regional power provider or other off-takers when that option becomes available.

325 solar panel array located near the District 2 Northampton Highway Administration building
325 solar panel array located 90 feet from the District 2 Northampton Highway Administration building.

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