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The MassDOT Seasonal Toll Collector Internship Program provides students an opportunity to work on the front lines, providing direct service to the commonwealth’s transportation customers as toll takers. Toll Collector openings are available in the following locations:

Western Turnpike

  • Interchanges 1 and 2 - W. Stockbridge & Lee
  • Interchanges 3-8 - Westfield through Palmer
  • Interchanges 9-11A - Sturbridge through Westborough
  • Interchanges 12-14 - Framingham through Weston

Metro Highway System (MHS)

  • Interchange 15 - Weston
  • Interchange 19 - Allston/Brighton
  • Tunnel - Sumner/Callahan & Ted Williams Tunnel
  • Bridge - Tobin Bridge
Program Duration, Hours and Compensation:

This program runs from May 11, 2014 - September 20, 2014. The work shift is a standard 8 hour day/40 hours work week.

Collectors will be required to work any day on any shift and must be able to meet this requirement. Note that this position requires that you work nights, weekends and holiday with shifts varying from week to week.

All students must be at least 18 years of age so there are no restrictions on working night shifts.

The rate of pay is $11 per hour, with a bi-weekly administrative fee to pay Local 127.

Program Job Description:

Interns will be evaluated on their ability to provide exceptional customer service while demonstrating a strong work ethic, commitment and reliability.

Seasonal Toll Collectors must have transportation. The only work locations accessible by public transportation are the Tunnels but not for all shifts.

Uniforms: Safety vests, name tags, and baseball caps are provided. Seasonal Collectors wear their own shirts, shorts or pants.

Instructions for Applying:

To be eligible to participate students must be enrolled in a full-time secondary educational program for the fall semester. To ensure your paperwork is routed correctly please follow the instructions below.

Eligible students are required to submit a Seasonal Toll Application, Student Enrollment Certification Form, CORI Form (all included), proof of full-time enrollment from the college/university, and a legible copy of a driver’s license or state ID. All recommended students must successfully pass a CORI check prior to job offer.

All required forms can be e-mail to:

Please Note: Due to the large number of applicants, applications missing any of the required documents at the time of submission will be disqualified from the internship application process. Space is limited and the submission of an application will not guarantee placement within an internship program.

Completed paperwork should be mailed to:
Attn: Seasonal Toll Internship Coordinator
MassDOT - Human Resources
10 Park Plaza - Suite 3170
Boston, MA 02116
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