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The Law:

The Massachusetts Public Records Law governs public access to government documents and records and can be found at Chapter 66, Section 10 of the Massachusetts General Law, subject to exemptions found at Chapter 4, Section 7(26) of the Massachusetts General Law and applicable law and policy. MassDOT records are available to any member of the public making a request.

How to Make a Public Records Request:

A Public Records Request online form can be found below. To assist us in processing your request as expeditiously as possible, MassDOT encourages the submission of the Public Records Request form.  

Requests can be made via email or by mail:

Records Access Officer
MassDOT Office of the General Counsel
10 Park Plaza
Suite 3510
Boston, MA 02116

MassDOT will send an acknowledgement of receipt of your request including a good faith estimate of any fees associated with assembling and reproducing the requested documents.

MBTA public records requests can be made on

Categories of Public Records:

This is a list of categories of public records maintained by MassDOT. These records may be subject to redaction if they contain information that may not be disclosed by law, is exempt under the public records law or is subject to other legally applicable privileges.


Fees vary depending on each individual request. When permissible under the law MassDOT will not charge for time spent to inspect, retrieve or redact documents. For requests that require extensive collection the first four hours will be performed at no cost, and after that the requester will be charged $25 an hour. Fees include storage retrieval costs, electronic storage devices, or paper copies. To help reduce fees MassDOT suggests including as much detail as possible in the initial request.

Public Records Request

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