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We Move Massachusetts - Shaping Our Future


weMove Massachusetts – Shaping Our Future!

weMove Massachusetts, which served as the 2040 Long Range Plan for the State, was completed in May of 2014.. Since 2009, MassDOT has undertaken a wide-reaching reform effort, designed to improve how we do business, how we respond to our customers, and how we provide the transportation services that are a crucial foundation for the sustainable economic development of the Commonwealth. The weMove Massachusetts process was our first comprehensive effort to prioritize our transportation investments in a way that reflects what everyone feels is important for our transportation system. The goals of weMove Massachusetts were to:

  • Clearly articulate MassDOT’s goals, priorities, and policies, which are based on public input
  • Advance important statewide policy goals for improving mobility, protecting the environment, promoting economic growth, and improving public health and quality of life
  • Better use available information to allocate funding and prioritize projects in a clear and transparent way
  • Communicate with stakeholders about their ideas on improving transportation services
  • Engage all of our staff at MassDOT in the weMove Massachusetts process

Looking to the Future

A safe and efficient transportation system, one that provides users with a good range of options for getting around, is an important building block for a successful, prosperous, and equitable future. Before we get there, however, we must tackle a series of ongoing challenges:

  • Resources are limited and unequal to our needs. We will strive for the most cost-effective approach to transportation investments.
  • Our infrastructure is aging. Because deferring maintenance worsens this problem over time, making the right investments today will lead to future savings for all of us.
  • Good jobs are needed today. Making the right investments in infrastructure puts people to work, leverages private investment, and facilitates job growth.
  • Our population is constantly changing. As we live longer and welcome new residents to the Commonwealth, our transportation system must respond to the needs of all users.
  • Extreme weather events impact us all. Tornadoes, major storms, and out-of-season snowfall events require quick responses to keep people and goods moving.

By implementing a robust decision-making framework MassDOT, we will be able to spend our limited resources on investments into our transportation system that yield the greatest return in meeting our needs, to defend our investment decisions with data, and to meet these goals while understanding the aspirations and concerns of the traveling public.

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