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For Immediate Release: 06/07/2012
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Patrick-Murray Administration, New Balance Announce Agreement to Build Commuter Rail Station in Brighton

New Brighton Landing Station Creates Hundreds of Jobs, Boosts New Balance World Headquarters Development 

BOSTON - Massachusetts Department of Transportation (MassDOT) Secretary and CEO Richard A. Davey and New Balance Chairman James S. Davis today announced agreement in a co-signed Letter of Intent to build a new Worcester Line commuter rail station at Everett Street in Brighton. 

The station, called New Brighton Landing, will serve the general public in the Allston-Brighton area of Boston and New Balance’s New Brighton Landing development including a New Balance world headquarters, additional office building, hotel, sports complex, and retail space. 

As part of the agreement, New Balance will fund all permitting, design, and construction costs for the station and fund annual maintenance costs.  The New Brighton Landing development and new commuter rail station will create approximately 3,000 permanent jobs in addition to 400 full-time construction jobs.

“The New Balance commitment to Brighton and their extraordinary investment in the future are game-changing developments for Boston and the entire region,” said Governor Deval Patrick, “I commend the company and Jim Davis for their vision and partnership in transforming the area.”

“This agreement between our Administration and New Balance is an extraordinary economic development plan for the City of Boston and surrounding communities,” said Lieutenant Governor Timothy Murray.  “As part of the development plan, investing in commuter rail access to Allston-Brighton will provide increased transportation services for employees and commuters, potentially serving hundreds of additional passengers daily along the Commonwealth’s busiest commuter rail."

“On behalf of New Balance’s associates in Brighton and the many residents and visitors that will use this train station, I’d like to express our appreciation to those who made this a reality.  Without the support of Mayor Menino, Governor Patrick, Lieutenant Governor Murray, Secretary Davey and the tireless work of Representatives Moran and Honan, former Senator Tolman and Councilor Ciommo this partnership would not have been possible.  The New Brighton Landing Commuter Rail Station will provide critical transportation access for our neighbors and associates and further the development of this exciting new district in Boston,” said Jim Davis.

“The New Balance site will be an excellent addition to our city and the Brighton Neighborhood.  As a major employer in our city, it’s fitting that they would help add a Commuter Rail station near its headquarters, and I applaud the effort," said Boston Mayor Thomas M. Menino.

“This historic partnership provides the critical transportation component to an outstanding development and does so in a way that benefits transit customers without additional up front or ongoing public costs,” said MassDOT Secretary and CEO Richard A. Davey.

“I am very pleased with the announcement of the New Brighton Landing Station on our very own Everett Street,” said Senator Sal DiDomenico.  “The creation of this new commuter rail station will not only create greater transportation access and jobs for the residents in my district, but it will also spur economic growth in the Allston-Brighton area.” 

The new commuter rail station at Everett Street will serve the public in the Allston-Brighton area, including 550 New Balance Athletic Shoe employees, 550 employees of nearby WGBH, and additional Brighton Landing tenant employees.

“I’m very pleased with this partnership proposal – it will be great for Brighton and I know it is something the state couldn’t do on its own,” said Senator William Brownsberger.

Representative Michael Moran, a lifelong resident of Brighton, shares in the enthusiasm about the new commuter rail station. “This project demonstrates what truly can happen when a neighborhood, a corporation, and government work together. This is one of the most transformative development projects to ever happen in our community and I am proud to have played a part in it,” said Representative Moran.

“This extraordinary partnership, which has culminated in a new commuter rail station, represents an investment in our transportation system and the Allston-Brighton community," Representative Kevin G. Honan said. "I commend New Balance for its instrumental work with federal, state and local officials as well as our neighbors to ensure Massachusetts remains economically competitive on a national and global stage.”

MassDOT in 2009 identified the Everett Street location as one of two preferred locations for a new commuter rail station in the area as part of the legislatively-mandated Allston Multi-Modal Station Study. 

The New Brighton Landing station will be designed according to all MassDOT and MBTA station requirements and constructed using a management plan approved by MassDOT and all federal, state, and local agencies.  

The New Balance New Brighton Landing development located on 14 acres along Guest Street in Brighton adjacent to the current New Balance property will include:

  • 250,000 square foot office building serving as New Balance World Headquarters;
  • 650,000 square foot office building(s);
  • 140,000 square foot hotel with approximately 175 guest rooms;
  • 345,000 square foot sports facility with health and wellness facilities, track and field venue, and hockey rink;
  • 65,000 square feet of retail, restaurant, and service space;
  • Approximately 1,750 parking spaces.

MassDOT and New Balance will now proceed with a Memorandum of Agreement that specifies in detail the commitments of each party in designing and building the commuter rail station. 

A date for beginning of station construction has yet to be identified.

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