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In Massachusetts the Human Service Transportation Office (HST) works to support and increase transportation options for consumers to access health care, jobs, social services and a full range of opportunities within the community. Established in 2001 within the Executive Office of Health and Human Services (EOHHS) to coordinate the transportation programs of three EOHHS agencies, the HST Office manages a large brokered transportation system for over 37,000 consumers of various state agencies. Select Regional Transit Authorities implement transportation requests and subcontract with local transportation vendors to provide over 5 million trips each year for eligible EOHHS consumers.

The HST Office also serves as a resource for human service transportation-related matters and encourages coordination and mobility management strategies among public transit, community transportation, and private resources to improve access to health and human services, employment and community life for all, but especially the transportation disadvantaged.

To implement the transportation coordination mandate within EO530, MassDOT works in close collaboration with and rely on the expertise and mobility management resources of the HST Office.
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