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Mobility Management Center

Do you have a mobility challenge or do you know someone who cannot travel due to age, disability or income barrier? The Massachusetts Mobility Management Center provides resources, expert advice, and technical assistance to transit providers, other community partners, and individuals concerned with transportation access and mobility barriers. We assist our partners in offering innovative mobility solutions in the neighborhoods. The Center is located within the MassDOT Transit Unit, augmenting the resources that MassDOT and its partner agencies already offer in coordinated mobility.

Although a variety of transportation modes and systems serve diverse local demand throughout Massachusetts, not everybody enjoys the freedoms that personal mobility provides. Many elderly, people with disabilities and individuals with low income do not own or operate an automobile. For some of these riders our current transit system can seem fragmented or difficult to access at times. The concept underlying the Mobility Management Center’s mission grew out of Governor Patrick's community transportation coordination agenda highlighted in Executive Order 530 in 2011.


The Center works with its community and agency partners to facilitate a continuum of coordinated, multi-modal transportation services and networks so that every citizen can transcend distance regardless of age, disability or financial status without getting into a car in the Commonwealth. We promote public transit use for a greener, healthier and economically viable Commonwealth.

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