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Rail Plan

The State Rail Plan incorporates a detailed analysis of passenger rail infrastructure and operations. The findings and recommendations of the Rail Plan are based on a comprehensive evaluation of the Commonwealth's freight and passenger rail transportation system: its operations, and effect on economic development and quality of life. The Rail Plan examines the trade-offs between a range of investments in the rail system. The Rail Plan also meets the Federal requirement for a state rail plan.

Study Goals and Objectives

The goals have been developed to frame the key issues to be addressed in the State Rail Plan. These goals were refined with input from a Working Group and stakeholders and used to identify a set of study objectives for each transportation mode and help shape evaluation criteria. Preliminary goals are:

  • Capacity and Operations:Ensure adequate capacity and operational efficiency of the rail system in Massachusetts.
  • Economic Development: Support development and a healthy economy through informed investment in the freight and passenger rail system.
  • Environmental and Quality of Life: Ensure that improvements to the freight and rail system do not negatively impact the environment and help improve the quality of life for Massachusetts residents.
  • Safety and Security: Enhance the safety and security of passenger rail and the freight transportation system in all modes.
  • Policy and Decision-making: Provide tools and information to state decision-makers to make informed choices about investment in the freight and passenger rail system in the current transportation funding environment.

Study Outcome

The final outcome of the Plan is a set of findings and recommendations based on a high-level overview of the current and projected key issues facing the rail system in Massachusetts.

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