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The Federal Transit Administration (FTA) provides financial assistance to states through a number of programs to develop new or improve, maintain, and operate existing transit systems. One of these programs, Section 5310, is intended to remove barriers to transportation services and expand mobility options for historically transportation disadvantaged populations, including people with disabilities and seniors in large urbanized (over 200,000), small urbanized (50,000-200,000), and rural areas (under 50,000).

In addition to federal funding, the Commonwealth of Massachusetts via its Mobility Assistance Program (MAP) - Chapter 637 of the Acts of 1983 - provides capital assistance for the purchase of rolling and non-rolling stocks by transit agencies, councils on aging, and private non-profit organizations that serve seniors and individuals with disabilities as priority populations.

MassDOT was designated as the agency of authority and oversight for administering financial assistance received in Massachusetts. Section 5310 and MAP are awarded competitively via the Community Transit Grant Program (CTGP) every year. CTGP resources and grant application information can be accessed on the Community Transit Grant Program page.

Services: The Center provides on-site application training and a webinar to potential grant applicants one month before grant applications open every January and a set of training sessions to grant recipients every June. It also offers technical assistance to Section 5310 and MAP grant recipients throughout the life of their contract with MassDOT.

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