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Volunteer Driver Resource Guide

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Screening of Motor Vehicle Driving Records

This checklist from CIMA outlines how to screen a driving record for violations and accidents.

Driver training requirements

Federal (Section 5310) and state (Mobility Assistance Program) grants provide financial resources for vehicle acquisition. Recipients of such grants have to comply with a list of requirements as they train drivers regardless whether drivers work for pay or volunteer.

Resources developed by the Wellesley Council on Aging

There resources were developed by the Wellesley Council on Aging and contain information about screening and training that a volunteer driver program should conduct to make sure that volunteers are well-prepared for the task ahead. Organizations intending to use these materials may need to customize them to their specific needs.

Volunteer insurance, risk and liability

Volunteers Insurance Service was established over 40 years ago to address the accident and liability concerns that have been shared by many volunteers, would-be volunteers and the nonprofit organizations that use their help

The article below surveyed 53 programs in 24 states and found that none of the programs had experienced liability losses. Many people find this article useful when engaging town administrators or agency management in conversation about implementing a new volunteer driver program.

National organizations on volunteer driving

Please contact with questions about volunteer driver programs.

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