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Volunteer transportation programs - also known as volunteer driver programs- are an important resource for meeting the transportation needs of older adults, people with disabilities, veterans, cancer patients and others. These programs have been in existence in the United States for more than 60 years and operate in rural, suburban and urban communities alike. Volunteer driver programs provide more than just a ride. Socialization for isolated individuals, customer-oriented and personalized assistance, - e.g. helping carry groceries or escorting individuals to medical appointments and back to their homes - ability to travel to multiple destinations without geographic boundary restrictions, and affordability of the ride make volunteer driving an invaluable service for users.

Due to the program's adaptability to personal needs, versatility, and favorable operating cost structure compared to paratransit operations, its financial support circle has increased considerably over time. Today, not just community-based human service and senior service agencies but also public transit companies, paratransit service providers, community transit service providers, hospitals and health centers, churches and interfaith groups believe that volunteer driving is a legitimate and appropriate means of transportation.

For seniors and people with disabilities

Are you looking for a volunteer driver program in your area? An interactive map and contact information for the nearest volunteer driver program can be accessed below

For volunteer driver programs

Resources from the National Volunteer Transportation Center help answer common questions and offer guidelines, tips, and techniques about how to start a volunteer driver program, how to recruit, support and train your volunteers, and how to address liability and insurance concerns. You can also find resources on these topics in the Practice Briefs and Toolkits section below.

Practice Briefs and Toolkits

These publications describe the experience of volunteer driver programs in Massachusetts through lessons learned and useful tools. Read on if you would like to learn more about volunteer transportation.

We would like to learn from you. Please share with us your experience, concerns and questions about volunteer driving. The Center facilitates the Massachusetts Volunteer Driver Network, which exists for peer information sharing and networking.

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Resource Guide

These resources help guide your program development. They reflect best practices and offer you tools for everything from driver training, volunteer screening, and launching a new program.

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