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Various types of services make up the tapestry of community transportation networks. Those services include diverse options such as buses, vans, subway, light rail, commuter rail, boat, shared ride or shared car services, volunteer services, bicycle and pedestrian facilities. These can be operated by both public and private non-profit or for profit organizations and are available to the general public or to priority populations such as seniors, veterans and people with disabilities.

Sometimes it is not easy to find what services are available or appropriate for one’s travel needs due to either too little or too much information. Formal listings also known as service inventories are produced and updated periodically locally and regionally. Check out the collection of resource inventories and interactive maps below and find what best meets your individual travel needs in Massachusetts:

Local and regional inventories now feed into a statewide repository of services called RideMatch. This project is led by the Greater Attleboro-Taunton Regional Transit Authority (GATRA) and works with other RTAs, their service providers, and other local providers to become a comprehensive inventory of accessible transportation options in Massachusetts. Please log onto RideMatch and find your ride.

As a result of collaboration between RCCs and MPOs, the following regional service inventories were updated in 2015.

On-line tools, such as NuRide, the state’s carpool matching service is operated by MassRIDES, MassDOT’s free statewide demand management program. Nuride was designed to help reduce traffic congestion and improve air quality and mobility and is available to interactively arrange your ride to work.

MassRIDES can also help you start a vanpool service that will lower commuting costs and reduce emissions. Benefits, such as a monthly subsidy of up to $600, commuter pre-tax savings, and other rewards are available.

We will add additional resource inventories, interactive ride matching tools and introduce dynamic ridesharing technologies as they become available.

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