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Mobility needs can be especially pronounced in rural areas where population density is too low to justify fixed route or demand response services. Rural areas may also have a higher prevalence of elderly and low income residents that need additional assistance. The Massachusetts Rural Transit Assistance Program (MArtap) is a federally funded, state-administered program that promotes the safe and effective delivery of public transportation in rural areas and makes more efficient use of public and private resources.

MArtap offers training, financial resources and technical assistance to meet the needs of transportation providers serving rural and small urban regions of Massachusetts. MArtap programs include:

  • Driver Training: The MArtap driver training curriculum includes defensive driving, accessible lift use and passenger securement, disability awareness (ADA), and drug and alcohol awareness.
  • Helping Hand Mini Grant: Offered yearly to help meet the needs of agencies to help improve their transportation services.
  • Training Scholarships: In order to offset the cost of professional development, MArtap offers scholarships for the purposes of attending training courses, workshops or conferences.

Please visit the Massachusetts Rural Transit Assistance Program website for details on all MArta programs

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