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Community Transit Grant

Community Transit Grant Program Eligibility

The overall goal of the FTA Section 5310: Enhanced Mobility of Seniors and Individuals with Disabilities grant program is to provide and strengthen the transportation services available to meet the mobility needs of seniors and individuals with disabilities. 

The goal of the Mobility Assistance Program (MAP) is to provide transportation services to elderly persons and persons with disabilities, as defined in Chapter 637 § 13 of the Acts of 1983. MAP funding is exclusively used for the purchase of eligible vehicles, and is primarily used as a State financial match to federally funded capital vehicle purchases.

Additional information pertaining to program eligibility can be found in Summary Sheet.

MassDOT Fully Accessible Vehicles

The state’s Mobility Assistance Program (MAP) and the FTA’s Section 5310 Program provide capital funding to transit agencies, Councils on Aging, and private non-profits for the purchase of vehicles to be used in the provision of transportation services to the elderly, and persons with disabilities of any age.

Through these two programs, MassDOT provides funding for accessible vehicles that meet a set of minimum standards, described below. MassDOT pays an 80% share of the cost of the “base vehicle”. This refers to all parts of the vehicle required to meet the minimum standards described in this document, but none of the additional features that may be present. Receiving agencies may elect to purchase vehicles with additional features, but these options must be fully paid for by that agency.

Type-specific standards for each of MassDOT’s accessible vehicle can be found in the MassDOT Fully Accessible Vehicle Guide
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