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Grade Crossing Construction

The Grade Crossing Construction project, completed in November 2016, upgraded five crossings along the future South Coast Rail corridor. The locations span three communities - Freetown, Taunton and New Bedford.

Freetown: Three at-grade crossings were reconstructed along the Fall River Secondary and approximately 10,500 feet of track was replaced between the grade crossings. The replaced track will support increased commuter rail speeds.

Taunton: Upgrades were made to the grade-crossing at Dean Street. Traffic signal improvements were also implemented to the Dean Street crossing as well as to the adjacent Dean Street/Arlington Street intersection.

New Bedford: Upgrades were made to the at-grade crossing at Nash Road and a nearby traffic signal at the Nash Road/Church Street intersection was improved. The grade crossing improvements also included the reconstruction of approximately 6,500 feet of track and a connection to the Dartmouth Spur.

Railroad safety is always a priority for the MBTA - and this project is proof. Each new grade crossing is equipped with state-of-the-art safety warning devices designed for commuter train tracks. The construction benefits extend beyond the grade crossings themselves. Approximately 10,500 linear feet of track was rebuilt in Freetown and 6,500 linear feet of new track was built in New Bedford.

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