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Project Benefits

Smart Growth Program

"Smart Growth" is a creative approach many communities across the country are taking as they face expansion with new jobs, homes, and development. A response to low density, auto-dependent development often referred to as "sprawl," smart growth emphasizes the preservation of local resources, including people, land and water, while concentrating new development in areas where infrastructure exists and promoting mixed-use, well-connected and walkable neighborhoods. Smart growth strategies ensure that regions can develop in ways that protect the natural environment while making communities attractive places to live and work.

The South Coast region faces its own projected growth by 2030. The South Coast Rail Project adheres to smart growth principles, which are outlined in the Commonwealth's Sustainable Development Principles guide. The project seeks to prevent low density, auto-dependent development known as “sprawl,” and to promote well-connected and walkable neighborhoods.

South Coast Rail will be the third largest infrastructure project in recent state history - and the first based on smart growth principles, resulting in many economic and environmental benefits.

Economic Development and Land Use Corridor Plan

The award-winning South Coast Rail Economic Development and Land Use Corridor Plan provides the framework for new development and growth in the South Coast region. The Corridor Plan is intended to maximize potential economic development and land use benefits to local cities and towns, the region, and the state as a whole.

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