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Northern New England Intercity Rail Initiative

Project Benefits

Environmental Benefits

With a smart growth approach, South Coast Rail will have a number of environmental benefits, from reduced emissions to open space preservation.

Reduced Emissions

South Coast Rail will improve regional air quality. With fewer cars on the road, there will be approximately 256,000 fewer vehicle miles traveled per day, the equivalent of a car traveling around the world 10 times a day! This saves the equivalent of 565 barrels of oil every day. The project will reduce greenhouse gases by approximately 61,000 tons of CO2 per year.

Energy efficiency and renewable energy technologies are woven into the project design. Learn more about how the project is Going Green.


Smart growth strategies will help preserve the region’s natural resources by protecting farms, forests, wetlands and fields from sprawling development. South Coast Rail will result in 10,000 fewer acres of open space consumed, including 6,000 acres of forest land. Regional planning agencies have been working with communities to identify areas best suited for protection, called Priority Protection Areas (PPAs), and areas conducive to development, called Priority Development Areas (PDAs).

For more information about environmental impacts and benefits, read about the environmental review process.
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