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Monitoring outcomes and documenting trends through data collection before and after Safe Routes activities is an important component of Safe Routes to School programs.

The Massachusetts Safe Routes to School Program has a 3-minute online survey tool to help create safer routes to school for students in your community. Paper versions of the survey are also available and Safe Routes to School program staff can assist with the survey collection process as well as provide informational and marketing materials for schools to share with parents. Both the online and paper versions are available in multiple languages. School administrators can have direct access to survey results and reports through an administrative login on the website and program staff can also assist with report generation and the presentation of results.

In addition to our online survey, our program offers a student hand survey and a parent survey. Parent surveys identify attitudes, travel mode habits, and conditions along the travel route. Student surveys are conducted through a one-page questionnaire or hand-raising in the classroom.

Walkability and bikability checklists examine routes for students traveling to and from school. Preferred routes are designated, based on the outcome from the checklist, to provide consistency and improve safety through the program. The checklist can be incorporated in classroom activities, homework assignments, or as an option for the volunteers/students to complete.

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