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Safe Route To School


One of the most important services we provide is to help provide support through community enforcement programs to help identify safety needs within school communities so that certain behaviors such as following traffic laws are obeyed in the vicinity of schools. This multi-faceted approach focuses on the enforcement of driver behaviors such as driving speeds, yielding to pedestrians in crosswalks, and also through the enforcement of pedestrian and bicyclist behaviors. Our program also initiates the conversation for community enforcement such as adding crossing guards to school areas.

Massachusetts Safe Routes to School partners with local police officers, safety officers, and school resource officers to create a community approach to enhance and ensure the safety of students walking and bicycling.

Our Program helps to:

  • Create awareness of behaviors of all transportation modes in order so that our roadways and school communities are safe for students to walk and bike to and from school
  • Enforce and correct transportation behaviors where needed
  • Assess bicycle and pedestrian safety and personal security around the school and in surrounding neighborhoods
  • Provide safety training to students, school staff, parents, and the general community

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