Salvage Title Definition

A total loss salvage motor vehicle is a motor vehicle which has been stolen and unrecovered or which has been wrecked, destroyed or damaged by collision, fire, water, or other occurrence to such an extent that the owner or if the vehicle was insured, the insurer, considers it uneconomical to repair.

If a vehicle has been declared a total loss the owner or if insured, the insurance company must apply for a Salvage Title.

Passenger vehicles ten (10) or more model years old at the date of the event, which caused the vehicle to be declared a total loss, are exempt from the salvage title process. These vehicles will carry a Reconstructed Prior Salvage brand.

A vehicle with a Salvage Repairable Title cannot be registered until the vehicle has passed the required Salvage Inspection. (see Salvage Inspection section)

Please note: Once A Salvage Title has been issued in Massachusetts or in any other state, the Salvage Title and Salvage Inspection process as stated in M.G.L. ch90D must be completed regardless of the age of the vehicle. The salvage classification is permanent and remains part of the vehicle history. A Salvage titled vehicle can never be issued a Clear title.



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