• There are currently 22,353 hybrid vehicles, 711 electric vehicles and 94 smart cars registered in Massachusetts.
  • Seven of the 11 vehicles in the RMV's fleet are hybrids or run on alternative fuel (compressed natural gas.)
  • 49,371 motorists hold the three charity license plates that have provided $15,912,488.05 in donations to the Environmental Trust Fund since 1995.
41,047 2,360 5,964
  • License plates returned to the RMV produce fifty tons of recycled aluminum a year.
  • Nearly 1.3 million customers saved travel and fuel costs last year by conducting RMV transactions and inquiries online at http://www.massrmv.com/OnlineServices.aspx.
  • The RMV shredded and recycled 26 tons of paper in 2007, enough to save 439 mature trees.
  • The RMV saves 423,500 pages of printed paper that are sent to the branches annually by putting training manuals and updates on our Intranet.
  • The RMV condensed the driver's manual from 200 to 150 pages, saving another 1,000,000 pages of paper in a regular print run of 160,000 manuals.
  • The Milford RMV was the first of 35 branches to go green undergoing a major renovation using recycled building materials and installing energy and water saving fixtures.
  • The RMV is piloting a program to encourage the use of public transportation by handing out MBTA Charlie Cards and schedules at the Watertown branch.
  • 9.5% of the 1,992,172 gasoline fueled vehicles to go through the RMV/DEP Vehicle Inspection Program in 2006 required repairs to their emission systems in order to pass inspection.
  • The RMV has deployed over 1,000-40 watt Energy Star compliant monitors throughout its branches and headquarters, and utilizes 40-watt thin client devices for its primary computer platform.


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