Patrick-Murray Administration Introduces No-Wait Appointments for RMV Licensing
Springfield Pilot Expands Interactive Web Service to Reduce Branch Lines

Registrar Kaprielian introduces branch appointments for licenses at a Springfield news conference

(Boston, MA-April 7, 2010) - Four months after launching the first interactive web licensing service, MassDOT officials are expanding its function so customers can schedule appointments and not have to wait in line to apply for a driver or motorcycle learner's permit or convert an out of state license or permit. The initiative is just one of many steps the Patrick-Murray Administration has taken as part of its transportation reform initiative to deliver more efficient and improved customer service to residents of the Commonwealth.

MassDOT's Registry of Motor Vehicles has been piloting the licensing appointment service at the Springfield branch since February and, beginning this month, will roll out the service to select full service RMV branches.

"We are particularly proud to introduce our customers to this new model of delivering licensing service for transactions that typically take the most time," said Registrar Rachel Kaprielian. "Customers who apply for these licenses online can now go to the head of the line at the branch. We've also found that they complete the transaction in about half the time it normally takes which benefits all our branch customers."

First introduced last November, the interactive web service guides first time drivers and those converting licenses through the steps and documents required to prove identity and residency. Customers apply online at and receive a pre-printed application and check-list of documents they'll need to complete the transaction at a branch.

"Pre-staging a license application on the Internet improves accuracy and reduces the number of customers we have to turn away because they don't have the proper documents," said Registrar Kaprielian. "The smart technology that's built into the service also reduces the time it takes for our staff to determine eligibility for a license."

During the pilot, the RMV dedicated two counters in Springfield to process 16 to 24 appointments a day between 10:00am and 2:00pm. So far 89 customers used the interactive service and scheduled appointments. Service hours for appointments and the number of appointment slots may increase as more data is collected once the program expands to other branches.

In an effort to reduce wait times for customers, the RMV has added more than a dozen transactions to increasing customer traffic by 39% in the last 18 months. Customers can also return and cancel their registration plates at kiosks set up inside four of the busiest branches without waiting in line. The RMV has built a strong network with more than 600 vehicle dealerships and insurance companies to provide customers with registration services through a secure electronic connection to RMV operations which processed more than 372 thousand registrations last year.

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