Patrick-Murray Administration Announces New RMV Web Service
Customers can now get crash reports online

(Boston, MA) - As part of the Patrick-Murray Administration's commitment to creating an innovative, efficient and customer-friendly transportation system, Massachusetts Department of Transportation (MassDOT) officials today announced that motorists can now order crash reports online at the Registry of Motor Vehicle's virtual branch at . It is the 12th new customer online convenience the RMV has launched in the last two years that has led to a 36% increase in web transactions.

"Our latest web service speeds up the process of searching and copying a crash report which our customers often need as documentation in vehicle insurance claims," said Registrar Rachel Kaprielian. "Using new technology to deliver efficient government service makes better use of taxpayer dollars and saves customers time."

The RMV maintains the state's database of crash reports which are completed by law enforcement officers who may investigate a crash. Drivers involved in a crash are also required by law to complete an operator report on the circumstances of the crash and submit it to the RMV if property damages exceed $1,000 or there is personal injury.

Every month, the RMV receives requests for copies of more than three thousand crash reports which must be submitted by mail. It typically takes up to three weeks to search the database of electronic and paper records, certify the record and mail it back to the customer requesting the report. The new crash report web service will enable the RMV to process the request within 24 hours once it is found and deliver electronic reports by email. The cost for a database search remains the same at $20 per record request.

MassDOT's RMV division serves more than 4.7 million licensed drivers and handles 5.9 million vehicles. In the last two years, a dozen new services have been added to the RMV website virtual branch at including license renewal, ID's and registrations, ordering a Fast Lane transponder and driving record and searching for a title or lien. The RMV's virtual branch is now the division's busiest, processing 1.8 million transactions a year.

Through transportation reform promoted by the Patrick-Murray Administration, the RMV division has saved hundreds of thousands of dollars by consolidating RMV offices, using rent-free locations for new express branches and moving routine transactions online to better manage branch traffic.

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