MassDOT RMV Inspectors Target Brockton School Transports
Surprise Crackdown Finds Safety Violations

RMV Inspector John Sullivan checks a pupil transport van for safety defects in Brockton

(Brockton, MA) - In the second city crackdown so far this year, MassDot RMV division inspectors and Brockton police officers uncovered a number of safety violations following an undercover surprise inspection on 85 school transport vehicles carrying infants and youngsters to Brockton elementary schools and day care centers.

Teams of officers set up 12 safety checkpoints throughout the city as part of a joint investigation dubbed "Operation Clean Sweep." Inspectors cited the drivers for 52 violations that included driving without the required 7-D license, equipment defects such as bald tires and overloading which can result in children not properly secured in car seats or seat belts.

Registrar Rachel Kaprielian said it was heartbreaking to find children were being put at risk. "The RMV has many responsibilities, but none more important than keeping the most vulnerable population safe. We need to assure parents that their children are riding in safe vehicles with properly trained drivers. But parents can help by being vigilant and asking tough questions."

"Protecting our children is the city of Brockton's number one priority," said Captain Leon McCabe. "We are grateful for the teamwork the RMV provided to help us achieve our mutual goal."

This is the third time the RMV and the Brockton Police Department have teamed up to run the safety checkpoints. Last March, inspectors checked 65 7-D vehicles and officers wrote 113 violations. A previous crackdown in 2004 yielded 114 violations against 49 vans.

Drivers of the so called 7-D vehicles must undergo a criminal background check to apply for a special license. 7-D vehicles, usually cargo vans and station wagons, must also undergo special inspections twice a year to ensure safety features are working properly. Two drivers in today's operation were cited for the most serious criminal offense-overloading passengers in vehicles equipped with safety restraints for only eight children. Repeat offenders will be called in for a hearing with RMV officers which could result in the suspension of their 7-D license.


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