Patrick-Murray Administration Deploys 5th Annual Operation Yellow Blitz
RMV, Local Police Nab Drivers for Illegally Passing School Busses

(Boston, MA) - RMV Inspectors and local police officers netted at least 136 drivers in more than 110 communities as part of a statewide undercover operation targeting illegal drivers during National School Bus Safety week. This is the fifth year the RMV has organized "Operation Yellow Blitz" to catch motorists who fail to stop for school busses that are picking-up or dropping-off student passengers.

"School busses carry our most precious cargo," said Registrar Rachel Kaprielian who joined the surveillance team in Watertown. "It is simply not worth the risk of harming a child to ignore a stopped school bus. There are no exceptions, all traffic approaching a school bus with red flashing lights must stop."

Every year, the RMV receives thousands of complaints from parents, police and school bus drivers against motorists who fail to stop for a school bus. Violators face a $250 citation for a first offense and $1,000 fine and six month license suspension for a second violation within two years. Last year, 60 communities set up surveillance teams and cited 69 drivers.

Operation Yellow Blitz targets problem intersections and roadways once a year, but school bus drivers are vigilant of non-compliant drivers throughout the year. They take down license plates of offenders and report them to the RMV. Repeat violators may be called in for an administrative hearing that could result in the suspension or revocation of their driver's license. So far this year, the RMV has sent out 1,805 warning letters to suspected offenders.

Registrar Kaprielian says the number of communities which participate in the exercise grows every year. She says today's results show that public awareness of the problem is also growing. "In nearly 60 communities today, every driver we saw stopped for the school bus. Our goal is to make sure all drivers understand and follow the law to ensure our children are delivered safely to and from school everyday."

List of community results.


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