RMV Announces Prize Numbers for Lottery Winners

(Boston, MA) - Registrar Rachel Kaprielian announced the winners of the RMV's low number license plate lottery following a live drawing on WBZ radio's "NightSide" program with host Dan Rea. This year a record 6,634 applicants competed for 168 low number registrations, including 151, 19F and 9969.

"The lottery ensures that all vehicle owners get a fair and equal chance to win one of these coveted registrations," said Registrar Kaprielian. "Since the first registrations were issued around the turn of the century, low number plates have historically been viewed as a status symbol reserved for the well connected."

Michael Hastings of Gill who won plate number 2632, said he applied for the lottery because he always liked novelty plates. "I thought it would be neat to have something different on my car."

The Massachusetts RMV is the oldest motor vehicle administrative agency in America, which issued the first license plate in 1903. Many of the top ten single digit plates that were first given out remain in the same family and are passed down through generations.

Dick Dennis who has held license plate number "5" for more than 35 years, called into the two hour broadcast. Dennis said he enjoys telling stories about how his stepfather, the former Governor and Boston Mayor James Michael Curley acquired the plate. "The plate attracts a lot of attention," said the Scituate resident. "But it doesn't give me any special parking privileges."

Winners of the 2009 lottery will have until December 31, 2009 to claim their plates and swap them for their current registration. The RMV will notify all winners by mail with instructions on how they can claim the winning plates. Twenty-five alternate applicants were also chosen in case any winner chooses not to register their low-number plate.


2009 Low Number Plate Lottery Winners

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