RMV Puts Classic License Plates Up for Grabs in Annual Lottery

(Boston, MA) - Registrar Rachel Kaprielian today announced the opening of the 2009 RMV low number license plate lottery. Applicants in this year's drawing will be vying for 169 of the most sought after Massachusetts license plates, including 7A, 3333, V36 and 66X.

"Maybe it's because Massachusetts is the home of the first license plate in the country or simply because our drivers just love specialty plates, but every year the plate lottery generates thousands of applicants," said Registrar Kaprielian. " Last year more than three thousand people participated and this year even more of these coveted plates are up for grabs."

Applications are available in all RMV branches and online at http://www.massrmv.com. All entries must be mailed and postmarked by August 10, 2009. Postcard entries will not be accepted. Only one entry per applicant will be accepted. Winners who do not register their vehicle with their winning lottery plate by December 31, 2009 will automatically forfeit their plate. All forfeited plates will be offered to a list of 25 alternate winners who will be chosen at the drawing.

The drawing will be held live at the Larz Anderson Museum in Brookline. The date and time will be announced soon. Applicants should check the Registry website, http://www.massrmv.com, for official drawing details and a complete list of this year's low number plates. Lottery winners will be posted on the RMV website following the drawing.

The RMV's online "Express Lane" now offers 18 services from renewing your license or registration to paying traffic citations right from your computer. Before you wait "in line" go "online" at http://www.massrmv.com and save yourself time.


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