RMV Issues New Registration Design
New Look is part of Patrick Administration Reforms

(Boston, MA)-In a cost-cutting measure that’s expected to save thousands of taxpayer dollars, Registrar Rachel Kaprielian today unveiled a new look for Massachusetts motor vehicle registrations. The new form which RMV branches will begin issuing today is now being printed on standard plain white paper rather than perforated card stock that cost $50,000 a year to pre-print.

“This is one measure in our on-going effort to reduce administrative costs while increasing efficiency in delivering customer service,” said Registrar Kaprielian. “Under Governor Patrick’s reform initiative, we are targeting every nickel in the budget for savings by doing things a little differently.”

The redesign will simplify RMV inventory control by eliminating the need to order and maintain card stock in the branches. It will also reduce the need for additional printers for new dual workstations that are being installed in branches slated for remodeling. Currently these workstations that process both license and registration transactions require two different printers. The new standard form will allow the workstation to utilize just one printer.

In addition to registrations, the new design is being used for other RMV forms that include:

  • Lost plate receipt
  • Number plate permit
  • Plate return receipt
  • Request for certificate of title receipt


It will take at least two years for the old forms to cycle out. Until then, both the old and new forms should be considered valid RMV documents that will be accepted at inspection stations, insurance companies and by law enforcement.


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