RMV Opens Second MassPike Branch
Patrick Administration Initiative to improve transportation service

RMV Express branch officially opens at Natick MassPike rest stop - from Left: McDonald's Paula Wright, Gulf's Terry Murray, RMV's Aric Warren, MTA's Steve Jacques, Registrar Kaprielian, Ex. Director Mullan, McDonald's Don Wright and RMV's Lorraine Lague(Natick, MA)-The Registry of Motor Vehicles today opened a second branch on the MassPike at the eastbound Natick service plaza a week after launching commuter registry services at the eastbound Charlton rest stop. The shift from private-leased offices to rent-free facilities owned by other transportation or public agencies exemplifies the type of reform called for in historic legislation to reorganize and unify the Commonwealth's transportation services. It represents a major shift in the RMV's business model that is expected to save millions of dollars and improve customer service.

"We are already seeing the payoff for our customers just one week after we started offering service in Charlton," said Registrar Rachel Kaprielian. "We don't have the high overhead we paid in Southbridge. The new location is smaller with fewer staff, yet we are servicing 50 more customers a day than we did at the old location. That tells us Charlton is a more central location for all of our customers in Worcester County."

The RMV stands to save $1.7 million by closing nearly a dozen high-cost branches such as Framingham and Southbridge and moving to vacant or under-utilized facilities owned or operated by the MassPike, Mass Highway, MBTA, Massport and other public agencies.

"This new business model of sharing facilities and best practices among the transportation agencies heralds the reforms outlined in legislation Governor Deval Patrick signed into law," said Jeffrey B. Mullan, MTA Executive Director. "This concept brings one-stop licensing and registration service to those who use our roads and bridges."

The RMV worked collaboratively with the MassPike to implement a pedestrian and traffic management plan to ensure safe access to the Natick service plaza. Two other RMV branches will also open in publicly-owned facilities before October.

The Natick RMV will be an express branch offering only license and registration service. The office will be staffed by two customer service representatives who were transferred from the recently closed Framingham branch. The other 12 Framingham employees have been redeployed to Watertown, Leominster, Milford and Worcester branches to handle the anticipated increased customer traffic.

To keep wait times down, the RMV has expanded online services over the past two years, including license, registration and title inquiries. To take advantage of RMV's online services visit: www.massrmv.com.

"Last year, we took 1.5 million people out of our "brick and mortar" branches and served them on the Internet, an increase of 23% in cyber traffic," said Registrar Kaprielian. "The RMV of the not too distant future will be able to deliver all routine licensing, registration and titling online."


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