Patrick-Murray Administration Launches New Rmv Reminder Service
Secure Electronic Notification Program Builds on Transportation Reform

(Boston, MA) - As part of Governor Deval Patrick's reform plan to make transportation agencies more accountable to commuters, the Registry of Motor Vehicles is reinstating courtesy notices for driver's license and MA ID renewals that were discontinued last December. The RMV partnered with a private Massachusetts electronic messaging firm to develop a secure notification service at no cost to the taxpayer that will alert customers a month before their license expires by email, phone or text message.

"This exciting reform initiative will greatly expand the RMV's capability to reach out to the Commonwealth's 4.7 million drivers and deliver quality, convenient customer service more efficiently," said Governor Patrick.

"RMV customers will be alerted well before their license or MA ID expires," said Jeffrey B. Mullan, who will take over as Secretary & CEO of the new Massachusetts Department of Transportation on November 1, 2009. "The RMV Reminder Service utilizes innovative technology that protects a person's most important identity document against fraud and abuse."

Registrar Rachel Kaprielian said customers will have an opportunity to join the new service through and choose what method they want to be notified. The RMV Reminder Service, which will be powered by Sendza, Inc, will be free of charge to customers and the Commonwealth because the notifications will be sponsored by Massachusetts businesses.

"We saved nearly $800,000 a year by eliminating paper courtesy mailings to our customers," said Registrar Kaprielian. "But we found a way to restore this customer convenience at no cost to taxpayers. Neither Sendza nor its sponsors will have access to any private driver information that could be used in a marketing list."

"This sponsorship model is a win-win," said John Bernardi, Executive Vice President of Sendza, Inc. "It's an obvious win for RMV customers since they can choose the type of reminder they prefer and it's a win for the state because it cuts costs and delivers more services."

In developing the reminder service, the RMV also built an IT infrastructure that can be expanded in the future to other registry services including registration and vehicle inspection renewals.

In order to be eligible for notification, a customer must sign up for the service at least 45 days prior to the expiration of their driver's license or MA ID. They will receive an electronic message by the method of their choosing at least 30 days before the expiration date and will inform the customer whether they can renew their license or MA ID online or must visit a branch. Customers will also be notified if their license is in non-renew status because of an outstanding parking ticket or excise bill and must be cleared before they can renew. The notification service includes a strict privacy policy to protect the information and data customers provide to the RMV.

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