Registrar Concludes Job Shadow Week Behind the Counter

(Boston, MA)—On the day before Thanksgiving you’ll find Registrar Rachel Kaprielian renewing driver’s licenses at the Registry of Motor Vehicle’s busiest branch in Chinatown. Her stint behind the Registrar works as road test examiner in Worchestercounter concludes a week of job shadowing that also had her helping to answer customer questions at the RMV’s call center in Quincy, give road test examinations in Worcester and conduct suspension hearings in Brockton.

“Experiencing first hand the challenges that our front-line employees are confronted with every day was a real eye-opener,” said Registrar Kaprielian. “My experience will certainly help guide my decisions about agency operations or policies that impact our employees or customers.”

On her first day on the job last week, Registrar Kaprielian worked as a customer service representative at the Watertown RMV, processing more than 60 licenses and Massachusetts ID’s. In Worcester, she rode along with one of the agency’s 58 road examiners to help administer road tests, while in Quincy she responded to simple customer requests and booked road tests at the call center. Every front-line job she undertook required hours of prior training.

Registrar Kaprielian added, “I have a new found understanding of the personal service skills and computer training that our employees must have in order to provide good customer service. I want to ensure those skills are emphasized in our new employee training courses so that customer service is delivered consistently throughout the agency.”


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