RMV Nets Illegal Pupil Transports in "Operation BUSted"

(Randolph, MA)-Registry of Motor Vehicle inspectors and Randolph police officers uncovered illegal vehicles, unlicensed drivers and a large number of other safety violations following a surprise crackdown on 78 pupil transport vehicles carrying youngsters to six Randolph elementary schools.

Registrar Rachel Kaprielian who took part in the sting operation, said the RMV launched “Operation BUSted” after receiving numerous complaints that pupil transports were skirting the strict requirements in operating so called 7D vehicles.

“In the year since Randolph was forced to cut school bus service, we’ve seen a big increase in the number of private pupil transports. We need to assure parents that their children are riding in safe vehicles with properly trained drivers.” Registrar Kaprielian added, “Parents can help by asking tough questions of the companies they contract to drive their children to school.”

Randolph police cited the owners of three vans for failing to get proper registrations. They also issued 56 citations totaling $3,240 that included driving without the required 7D license, equipment defects such as bald tires and not properly securing children in car seats or seat belts. Two drivers also face criminal charges for overloading their vans with students.

Drivers of 7-D vehicles must undergo a criminal background check to apply for a special license. 7-D vehicles, usually cargo vans and station wagons must also undergo special inspections twice a year to ensure safety features are working properly.


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