RMV Takes the Guess Work Out of OnLine Licensing

(Boston, MA) Registrar Rachel Kaprielian today announced that the RMV has added a new customer convenience that's expected to make it easier for more Massachusetts drivers to go online at http://www.massrmv.com instead of in line at branches. The RMV will determine if motorists can renew their license through internet services or whether they must come visit a branch to update their picture. The determination will be included in license renewal applications that are mailed to drivers 45 days before their license expires.

"This is the first in a growing list of procedural changes that should reduce branch visits," said Registrar Kaprielian. "Our customers only need to visit a branch every other renewal period or ten years. These notices will take the guess work out whether they go online or in line."

Last year more than a million customers used the RMV website to renew or request a duplicate license or registration, look up a vehicle title, registration or driver's education certificate and pay a citation

In the last year, the RMV has introduced four new real-time web transactions and several more customer online services are currently in development.


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