For RMV Lottery Winners the Prize is the Number

September 8, 2008

Registrar Kaprielian shows one lottery winner his new plate number(Brookline, MA) - Registrar Rachel Kaprielian announced the winners of the RMV's license plate lottery following a live drawing at the Larz Anderson Museum in Brookline that attracted more than 200 people in the running for 164 low number registrations, including R3, P7 and W55.

"Since the first registrations were issued around the turn of the century, low number plates have historically been viewed as a status symbol reserved for the well connected," said Registrar Kaprielian. "The lottery ensures that all vehicle owners have a fair and equal opportunity to get these coveted registrations."

With the museum's antique vehicles serving as a backdrop, Registrar Kaprielian awarded the plates by spinning a drum and drawing names from among this year's 4,350 applicants.

Ellen Young from Pepperrell was thrilled to win license plate "5642" on her first try in applying for a lottery plate. "I know how Massachusetts drivers value these numbers, because my son Allan is an avid collector of antique plates and they are so much a part of the states transportation history."

The Massachusetts RMV is the oldest motor vehicle administrative agency in America, which issued the first license plate in 1903. Many of the top ten single digit plates that were first given out remain in the same family and are passed down through generations.

Dick Dennis who holds license plate number "5" helped the Registrar pick winners. He said he enjoys telling stories about how his stepfather, the former Governor and Boston Mayor James Michael Curley acquired the plate. "The plate turns quite a few heads," said Dennis. "But it doesn't help me get out of any tickets."

Winners of the 2008 lottery will have until December 31, 2008 to claim their plates and swap them with their current registration. The RMV will notify all winners by mail with instructions on how they can claim the winning plates.

2008 Plate Lottery Drawing Winners


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