RMV Puts Milford in the Driver's Seat for Road Tests

(Milford, MA) Registrar Rachel Kaprielian today announced that Milford is being added to the list of 34 locations state-wide where road tests are given by RMV examiners.

"The RMV is assigning road test examiners to the Milford RMV branch and has mapped out a new route for them to test new drivers," said Registrar Kaprielian. "I'm adding this new service beginning August 6, after hearing legislators concerns about the growing population of new drivers in the Milford area."

"This is a big win for the people of the Milford regional area," remarked Senator Richard T. Moore, (D-Uxbridge). "The legislative delegation has been calling for the expansion of RMV services in Milford for some time, and it is great to see the addition of driving tests now at the Milford RMV. I applaud the Milford Registry for making this advance, as it will surely be welcomed by the local citizens."

"I am extremely pleased that the RMV services continue to expand at the Milford office," said Rep. John Fernandes, (D-Milford). "Senator Moore, my colleagues in the House and I have advocated that road testing in Milford is an absolute necessity, particularly given the cost of gas to travel to more distant testing sites. The Registrar, Rachel Kaprielian has listened. One day a week is just the first step. As a demonstrated demand grows apparent, I am hopeful that the RMV will be able to add even more days of road testing in the future. This is a major convenience step for the residents of this area, and I thank the Registrar for her effort."

"The Registrar is taking measured steps to familiarize herself with the needs of each community serviced by the various registries across the Commonwealth," added Rep. Jennifer Callahan, (D-Sutton). "She has demonstrated her commitment to service excellence and to the fair and equitable distribution of resources for residents, including the increased availability of road tests at the Milford site"

Permit holders will be able to book road tests at the Milford branch every Wednesday by calling the RMV automated service line at 866-MASSRMV. Road test applications can be downloaded from the agency's website at www.massrmv.com.

Since the RMV took over road test examinations from the State Police last July, examiners have given over 3,000 road tests a week with an average passing rate of 80 percent.


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