RMV Launches New Customer Conveniences
With First Real-Time Web Services

April 17, 2008

(Boston, MA) - Registrar Anne L. Collins today announced that three new services have been added to the RMV website which allows customers to do more business online instead of in line. For the first time, customers can utilize the internet to look-up their registrations, vehicle titles and driver education certificates. The new real-time services are expected to shorten lines at all RMV branches, reduce calls to the telephone service center and improve efficiencies throughout the agency.

“Massachusetts was the first registry in the nation to offer customer transactions on the web,” said Registrar Collins. “Following the Patrick Administration’s lead in utilizing IT advances, we’ve rewritten the architectural platform that communicates with our database to give our customers a secure and instant means to view the documents they need to drive on our roadways.”

With the new link on www.massrmv.com  vehicle owners can easily confirm their registration status and renewal date with just the click of a mouse. The new service also allows vehicle owners to view outstanding parking tickets, excise bills or other obligations that must be paid or cleared before they can renew any registration as well as the date the vehicle was last inspected and the results of the safety check. No personal information will be displayed with the registration inquiry.

This summer nearly 600,000 registrations will be up for renewal. Registrar Collins said offering safe registration information online should save more vehicle owners a trip to a branch and should help encourage them to renew their registration electronically.  The new service should also reduce the large number of registration inquiries to the RMV phone center.

Questions about the status of a vehicle title or lien used to be the subject of approximately 20,000 calls a month to the RMV phone center from vehicle owners, dealerships, lien holders and insurance agents. But thanks to another web service the RMV began piloting last October, customers are now able to see the date the title was issued, who it was mailed to and the lien holder’s name online. To date more than 46,000 vehicle titles have been viewed electronically and the service is currently getting an average of 354 hits every day.
Financial institutions which handle vehicle loans like Eastern Bank find the new web-based service helps them operate more efficiently too.

“Eastern Bank helped test this new online service,” said Christopher Early, Sr. Loan Document Processor. “We found that our title inquiries to the RMV phone center dropped dramatically from ten a day to two a month. It’s helped us reduce the time we spend resolving title issues and service our customers more effectively.”

Another new web service that’s become popular among teenage permit holders is the driver education certificate look-up. Student drivers can’t book their road tests without confirmation that this certificate had been added to the RMV database. Eager teens repeatedly called the RMV phone center or visited a branch to find out if their certificates had been processed. Now they simply go online. So far, more than 24 thousand inquiries have been submitted to the new link on www.massrmv.com.

Registrar Collins said these new conveniences are just the first on a long list of electronic services the RMV will offer its 5.9 million customers so they can avoid a trip to a branch and save their time and fuel costs for traveling around the Commonwealth.


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