RMV Puts Civilian Road-Test Examiners in Driver's Seat

Registrar Hails Customer-Friendly Service

(Boston, MA) - The person who determines whether or not you pass your driving test no longer wears a uniform. After 15 years, professional examiners have taken over for State Police troopers in administering road test exams for the Massachusetts Registry of Motor Vehicles. After their first full week behind the wheel, Registrar Anne L. Collins said it was a seamless transition.

"The Registry is actually resuming responsibility for the road tests which were once given by Registry Police," said Registrar Collins. "With professional examiners we have the opportunity to offer a more customer friendly service and insure the tests are uniform at all 35 test sites across the Commonwealth."

The RMV put 56 new employees, some of them recruits from area driving schools, through a rigorous month-long certification schedule which included diversity training, customer service and computer skills.

In addition to new road-test examiners who will be responsible for up to 16 exams a day, the RMV also standardized the road test score sheet and mapped out two new driving routes at each test site.

"These changes help send the message to teenage drivers that getting your license is no joke," said Registrar Collins. "One in three teens will get into a crash the first year they are licensed and crashes are the leading cause of teenage deaths. We want to give them the tools to be safe drivers right out of the starting gate."

The RMV schedules approximately 173,000 road tests a year. In preliminary findings, the new examiners failed an average of 19.7% of the 3,122 students who took the exam last week.


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