RMV Uncovers Online Scam

Registrar warns customers of spoof sites charging fraudulent RMV fees

The Registry of Motor Vehicles yesterday uncovered an online scam which charges customers fraudulent fees to conduct RMV business. The scam relies on "sponsored" sites or those that purport to imitate the RMV website.

"Registry of Motor Vehicles' customers should be aware of these deceptive sites. One clue that this site was false was its reference to the "DMV", an abbreviation common in other states but not in Massachusetts," said Registrar Anne L. Collins. "The RMV does not charge customers more to conduct business online."

Immediately upon learning of the potential threat, the RMV shut down its website and conducted a thorough investigation with the state's Information Technology Division and the Attorney General's Office. The investigation determined that the official RMV site had not been compromised, but that customers had been taken in by the bogus site.

These spoof websites are typically accessed by customers through online search engines. By searching for the RMV website, customers may find links to the spoof sites in the search results, sometimes in prominent locations. The site requires customers to enter a credit card number and pay a fee in order to conduct RMV business. Once the site collects a customer's credit card information, it will forward the customer to the official RMV website.

All official RMV online transactions can only be conducted through the www.mass.gov portal. The direct link to the RMV website is: www.massrmv.com.

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