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Seventh "Operation Guardian Angel" A Success
Over 100 school pupil transport vehicles inspected

October 4, 2006

This morning the Registry of Motor Vehicles in conjunction with the Boston Police Department inspected over 100 school pupil transport vehicles during the seventh annual Operation Guardian Angel. The operation spanned eight different locations throughout the Boston area. Boston Police wrote 108 safety violations, most notably for improper use of child restraints. Five criminal complaints were also written for overloading the vehicles.

"The safety of our children is paramount and a disregard for their care will not be tolerated," said Registrar of Motor Vehicles Anne L. Collins. "This partnership has proved successful time and time again and is the perfect way to kick of School Bus Safety Week."

The team also noted 16 drivers were not wearing their seatbelts, a secondary offense in Massachusetts. Telephone calls will be placed to their managers in the hopes it will correct the behavior.

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