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RMV Launches New Driver's Education Section of Website
Allows Consumers To View Disciplinary Actions Against Schools

For Immediate Release:
June 22, 2006

As part of a comprehensive overhaul of the regulation of Driver Education, the Registry of Motor Vehicles today released a new Driver Education section of the website. The site allows parents and students to find and evaluate licensed Driver Education Programs in their town, to review any disciplinary actions taken against a program and to obtain tips about what to look for in choosing a driver education program. Visit the Driver's Education section of the site.

“Driver’s education is one of the most important products you will ever buy; your life could literally depend on it someday,” said Registrar of Motor Vehicles Anne Collins. “This web tool will allow consumers to make informed choices by viewing disciplinary actions taken against a school.”

The section includes a helpful checklist of what a consumer should look for in a driver’s education program. Some of the recommendations include: Interviewing the manager or owner and visiting the school before deciding.

Paul Greaney, President of the Professional Driver Education Association applauds the efforts of Registrar Collins. “This is a great tool for parents searching for a driving school for their teen,” said Greaney. “Parents must have the information to make an informed decision and the RMV website will certainly help to identify the schools that don’t measure up.”

The new section is the first part of a comprehensive drivers education reform geared toward reducing the number of teen crashes in the Commonwealth. Consumers can find it by logging onto www.massrmv.com.


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