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RMV Streamlines Written Test Procedure

November 30, 2006

The Registry of Motor Vehicles (RMV) launched a streamlined version of the Automated Testing System (ATS) used to take the written test for all classes of license. The Melrose RMV was the pilot office. The next branch office to receive the new testing stations will be the downtown Boston/Chinatown office scheduled for the end of September.

Deputy Registrar of Customer Assistance, Richard Page and the ATS development and implementation team, introduced the new testing system to the Melrose RMV on August 30, 2006. Deputy Registrar Page offered up the sentiment sure to be felt by all who will need to take and pass a written test at the RMV, “Good things come to those who wait!” Two and one half years in the making, this new system is sleek, modern and is sure to be a welcome addition to all of our RMV offices.




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