2005 News Archive

12-19-2005 SSNs No Longer Permitted to be Used as License or ID Numbers
12-16-2005 Federal Law Gives RMV Leverage to Make Change
09-08-2005 Operation Helping Hands
09-02-2005 2005 Low Number Plate Lottery Winners
08-25-2005 Low Number Plate Lottery to be Held 9/1/05
08-17-2005 New School Bus License Requirements
07-22-2005 Romney Presents New "Gold Star" Plate to Boule Family
07-21-2005 A Message From the Registrar of Motor Vehicles
07-21-2005 Operating a Motorized Scooter
07-14-2005 Final "S" Endorsement Testing August 3, 2005
06-07-2005 Motor Vehicle Advisory: Snowplow Hitching Mechanisms
05-27-2005 Romney Files "Melanie's Bill," Says It Will Help Keep Repeat Drunk Drivers Off the Road
04-28-2005 Registry Announces Motorcycle Awareness Poster Winners
04-26-2005 Check Twice Save a Life. April is Motorcycle Awareness Month.
04-12-2005 Registry Makes Outreach to Parents of Teen Drivers
03-31-2005 Mass RMV to Participate in National Notary Association Symposium on Identity Theft
03-08-2005 New England Patriots Charitable Foundation Introduces new Patriots License Plates
01-28-2005 Hazmat Endorsement Federal Rules are Changing January 31, 2005
01-28-2005 Report Gender and Racial Profiling
01-28-2005 Car Smart: A Car Buyer's Guide
01-28-2005 2005 MREP Poster Contest Open To All MA High Schools


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