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Hazmat Endorsement Federal Rules are Changing January 31, 2005

The rules for obtaining a Hazardous Materials (Hazmat) endorsement on a Commercial Driver's License are changing due to the federal Patriot Act. Beginning January 31, 2005, the Registry of Motor Vehicles (RMV) will not issue a new hazardous materials endorsement on a license until the Transportation Security Administration (TSA) notifies the RMV that the individual has passed a background check. Commercial Learner's Permits will no longer be issued with hazardous materials endorsements.

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RMV Process for Obtaining a Hazmat Endorsement

If you are interested in applying for a hazardous materials endorsement, you need to…

  1. Go to a RMV branch office, complete a license application, present required identification documentation, pay applicable fees, and take the hazardous materials knowledge exam.

    If you pass the hazardous materials knowledge exam, you will receive a hazardous materials Pass Certificate. Exam results are valid for two years.

  2. Contact IBT, the Transportation Security Administration's vendor, at 1-877-429-7746 or www.hazprints.com to identify locations nationwide where you can apply for a background check. You will need to visit the vendor's location (see below for Massachusetts locations) and do the following ...

    • Present ID to verify your identity
    • Present your Commercial Driver's Permit or License and the hazmat materials Pass Certificate issued by the RMV
    • Complete a background check application
    • Pay a $89.25 fee
    • Allow yourself to be fingerprinted

    It could take approximately 30 days to receive the results of your background check. The Transportation Security Administration (TSA) will notify you, via mail, of the results and also notify the RMV. The results of the background check are valid for five years.

  3. If you receive notification that you passed the background check and you . . .

    1. Currently Have a MA Commercial Driver's License
      Return to a branch office with your current license and pay a $15 fee to be issued your license with the hazardous materials endorsement. You will receive a temporary paper license at the branch and your permanent license will be mailed to you. This transaction can only be processed if the RMV has received confirmation from TSA that you passed the background check. While unlikely, if you have received a letter from TSA, but the RMV has not received the results from TSA, you will not be able to add the hazmat endorsement to your license until the RMV receives confirmation.

    2. Currently Have a MA Commercial Learner's Permit with Hazmat Endorsement
      The hazardous materials endorsement will be added to your license when you are issued a commercial license provided that the RMV has received confirmation from TSA that you passed the background check.

If you fail the background check, you are not eligible for a hazardous materials endorsement. Go to TSA's website (www.tsa.gov) for appeal and waiver information.

Hazardous Materials Endorsement Renewals

Beginning Monday, March 21, 2005, Commercial Licensed Drivers with the Hazardous Materials Endorsement whose licenses are expiring on May 31, 2005 or after, will be required to apply for and pass a Transportation Security Administration’s (TSA) Background Check and pass the Hazardous Materials written exam before renewing their license in order to retain the Hazardous Materials Endorsement.

IBT Background Check Sites

EMSI Woburn
800 W. Cummings Park
Suite 5225
Woburn, MA 01801

EMSI Worcester
70 James St.
Suite 205
Worcester, MA 01603

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