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Romney Presents New "Gold Star" Plate to Boule Family
New License Plates to Honor Families of Those Killed in Action

For Immediate Release:
July 22, 2005 Contact:
Julie Teer
Jodi Charles
Jon Carlisle

Governor Mitt Romney today presented the Boule family of Dracut with one of the Commonwealth’s new “Gold Star Family” license plates. The plate is available to families who have lost loved ones in active combat.

“The symbol of the gold star has had a special meaning for our country since World War I,” said Romney. “The Gold Star plate is a fitting way to recognize the families of those who have given everything to protect our freedom.”

Leo and Sue Boule lost their son Mathew when he became the first Massachusetts resident to be killed in the Iraq conflict. He gave his life on April 2nd, 2003 when the Black Hawk helicopter he was riding in went down.

Following the passing of their son, the Boules worked with the Registry of Motor Vehicles and their local State House delegation to push for the creation of the new license plate.

“We felt like we needed to do this for all of the families who lost someone in battle,” said Sue Boule. “We have Red Sox plates, Bruins plates, and Cape Cod and Islands plates, but people need to know that loved ones have been lost in battle, and we need to honor those who have given their lives.”

The Gold Star plate is available to individuals who have lost parents, children or spouses who were members of the military and killed in action. It is provided to family members, free-of-charge, at any full-service Registry of Motor Vehicles location.

“It is important to honor families whose lives have been so profoundly touched by the impacts of war,” said Transportation Secretary John Cogliano. “Our hearts go out to the great sacrifice made by the Boule family, and we hope that this small token of remembrance inspires others to reflect on that sacrifice.”

“I was honored to be part of the effort to recognize our fallen soldiers and their families and I was privileged to work with an incredibly dedicated mother, Sue Boule, who is determined to honor not just her son but all of our sons and daughters who have made the ultimate sacrifice,” said Representative Colleen Garry, the sponsor of the legislation creating the new license plates.

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