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RMV Issues Social Security Notices to Drivers

January 5, 2004

Starting this month the Registry of Motor Vehicles will be issuing letters to Massachusetts Drivers whose social security number, date of birth and name do not verify with information from the Social Security Administration.

The RMV currently compares its data with that of the Social Security Administration when a customer comes into a branch to obtain or renew a license. If the information does not match the customer must work with the Social Security Administration to fix it. Under the new system, the customer will know of any discrepancy six months in advance which allows them more time to fix it.

Drivers who are due to renew their license in March 2004 will be notified of any problems this week. The RMV expects to issue notices to 2,900 of the 90,000 renewal applicants. The RMV went online with the Social Security Administration in 2000 in an effort to crack down on license fraud.

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