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Increased costs will prevent branch closings

As part of the 2003 budget passed by the Legislature, the Registry of Motor Vehicles is required to raise fees for customers whose Class D driver's licenses and vehicle registrations expire on or after October 1.

Registration fees for passenger vehicles will go from $30 to $36 every two years, while the license renewal fee will go from $33.75 to $40 every five years. Customers whose licenses and registrations expire in October must pay the higher amount, whether they renew before or after October 1.

"These increased fees mean the Registry will be able to maintain the service levels our customers have come to expect, despite cuts in our budget," Registrar of Motor Vehicles Kimberly Hinden said. "More importantly, this means we will not have to close any of our branches."

Registration fees were reinstituted in 2000, after four years of free lifetime registrations, while the cost to renew a license has not changed in almost 10 years.

The Registry will continue to charge an additional $5 "counter fee" to customers who renew their registrations in a branch or by talking with a phone representative. Customers can avoid the charge by renewing through the mail, online at www.massrmv.com, or through the Registry's automated phone line at 857-368-8010.

Customers whose registrations expire in October cannot renew online or on the phone until after October 1, 2002. The Registry apologizes for any inconvenience

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