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Swift Administration Tightens Driver's License Rules

new license exampleStricter policies on how Registry of Motor Vehicles customers obtain driver's licenses, permits, and state-issued IDs will help eliminate fraud and enhance public safety, the Registry announced today.

"As a public safety agency, the Registry of Motor Vehicles is obligated to ensure the integrity of the licenses and identification cards it issues," Acting Registrar Kimberly Hinden said. "Our goal is to balance customer service and our duty to protect the safety of every citizen in the Commonwealth.

Under the new rules, all customers applying for a first-time Massachusetts license, permit, or ID card must provide a Social Security Card or a valid current passport.

All first-time permit, license or Massachusetts ID card applicants are currently required to present three pieces of identification, at least one of which must be from the Registry's "Primary Document List". Together, the documents must establish date of birth, signature, and Massachusetts residency. Additionally, all applicants must provide a valid Social Security Number. Anyone who does not have a valid Social Security Number must present a written denial notice from the Social Security Administration explaining why a number cannot be obtained.

A driver's license is the most relied upon form of identification in the United States. Because rules and policies about issuing licenses and IDs vary from state to state, the Registry of Motor Vehicles is exercising prudent caution with all its customers.

A complete summary of the Registry's license policies, along with acceptable forms of identification, is available at www.massrmv.com.

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