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Swift Administration Announces new RMV Partnership to Save Money

A new partnership between the Registry of Motor Vehicles and Waltham-based Imagitas (http://www.imagitas.com) will save the state money and provide more benefits to Massachusetts motorists, the Swift Administration announced today.

Starting this month, Imagitas will begin mailing registration renewal information to the more than five million vehicle owners in Massachusetts. Imagitas is now responsible for printing and production costs, saving the state more than $200,000 each year.

The most apparent changes are the new renewal forms and information bulletins, which will arrive this week for RMV customers with vehicle registrations expiring in August. The renewal form has been redesigned, and it's now accompanied by a booklet that explains how to renew a registration and offers helpful information about insurance, inspections, and other topics.

Customers will still be able to renew their registrations four ways: through the mail, over the phone at 857-368-8010, on the Internet at www.massrmv.com, or in person at any one of the 37 Registry locations that processes registration renewals.

Imagitas, which has partnered with various federal, state, and local agencies for 10 years, offsets printing and production costs by including advertisements, often in the form of coupons, in the renewal packet. The Registry of Motor Vehicles has final say on advertisers and advertising content.

Maryland, Minnesota, and Wisconsin have similar agreements with Imagitas.

The new partnership complies fully with state and federal privacy regulations, including the Driver Privacy Protection Act, which prohibits the release of personal information to third parties.


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