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Swift Administration Unveils Online Driver's License Renewals

Massachusetts drivers will soon be able to renew their driver's licenses online, a move that will save thousands of people a trip to the Registry of Motor Vehicles and further cut wait times at RMV branches, the Registry announced today.

Starting October 21, drivers who meet certain eligibility requirements can log on to http://www.massrmv.com/OnlineServices.aspx to renew. Customers will pay by credit card, and their new license will be mailed to them. Because driver's photos are stored electronically in the Registry's computers, customers can keep the same photo-image.

"This is another great innovation from the Registry of Motor Vehicles," Registrar Kimberly Hinden said. "Now our customers can sit at their computers, click their mouse, and smile because they've saved themselves a trip to the Registry."

Customers are eligible to renew online every other time their license expires. Because licenses are valid for five years, this means customers could go a decade without visiting the RMV in person.

There are several restrictions and requirements for online renewal customers:

  • Their licenses must be in good standing, with no outstanding parking tickets, excise bills, warrants, or child support payments.
  • Their current license photos must have been taken at age 21 or older.
  • They must hold a Class D or Class M license. CDL holders are not eligible.
  • They cannot make changes to their name, address, or other information during the renewal process.

Customers can change their address online at http://www.massrmv.com/OnlineServices.aspx, but if they do, they should wait for an e-mail confirmation of the change before renewing their licenses. Change of address and license renewal are two of many services available on the Registry's Web site. Thousands of customers already renew vehicle registrations, pay citations, order special plates, and complete many other transactions online.

A key part of the Registry's dramatic turnaround in recent years has been its Web site. In 2001, more than half a million people completed transactions online, up from just 37,000 in 1999. In that time, the site has won numerous awards from national motor vehicle groups, as well as private companies that recognize excellence on the Internet.

Most recently, the RMV's site was commended by a local Web development company for responding to customer e-mails faster than every other company surveyed, including Wal-Mart, Starbucks, and Target.

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